creative onboarding

Creative Onboarding – How to make a lasting impression

If you are looking for creative way to make a lasting impression on your new hire, onboarding is the best place to start. Think about your first day at any job. How did you feel? Did you have a million questions? Or were you confident and prepared? Thinking about the things that made your first day easier and the things that made your first day difficult is a great starting point. As a business, you only get one chance to create a memorable first day. The onboarding experience, when done well, leads to higher employee satisfaction.

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onboarding trends

Top 3 Onboarding Trends 2020

After such a rapid change in the workforce and hiring environment, onboarding trends have taken an interesting turn in 2020. Just some of the drivers for change include the large number of Australians now working remotely and the competitive recruitment industry (as an impact of unemployment rates thanks to COVID-19).

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Employee diversity

Employee Diversity

Employee diversity is always a positive, no matter what industry you work in. Bringing in different perspectives on life can really bring a lot of benefits. The shift towards better diversity within workplaces has been a long (and often slow) game that is finally making large strides. But some workplaces are still very set in their ways, and others are trying to implement a more diverse culture but often get lost on the how.

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employee milestone

Employee Milestones

From the moment you onboard an employee, you have just hit the first milestone in their employment lifecycle. Milestone recognition is a fantastic way to make a real positive difference in the employee satisfaction and culture at your business. The myjoboffer founders have an extensive HR background and understand the importance of keeping track and recognising employee milestones. While it may seem like a simple addition to your people and culture processes, there are definitely some businesses who are strides ahead when it comes to this.

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Product Updates and enhancements from myjoboffer

Release 6.0 | myjoboffer with Experiences

Get excited – the new version of myjoboffer has arrived! We understand that you will have some questions as you transition over to our new platform

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