Payroll Scandal

Payroll Scandals – Underpaid Staff and how to ensure you are compliant

In recent times, there have been a bunch of successful Australian companies involved in payroll scandals. From tiny convenience stores, to massive supermarket chains, Australians are finding themselves being underpaid and it is recently coming to light.

Flexible Work Arrangement

Flexible Work Arrangements – Making it work

Flexible working – one HR term that has the power to spark either fear or joy in the eye of the beholder. It is no secret that flexible working is taking off, with no signs of momentum slowing down in 2020.

Hiring Costs

Hiring – The Hidden Costs of Hiring Employees

It is a new year, which means new strategies and new ideas to reach your business goals. This time of year we often find key business decision makers hit the ground running with ideas after having some much needed R&R. But does your plan involve staff changes, particularly hiring of employees?

Christmas Casual

Holiday Casuals – 3 Tips for Hiring Success

The holiday period is well and truly in swing, which means higher volumes and greater demand for additional staff. Often these staff will only be needed on a temporary basis, creating a need for Holiday Casuals.

Product Updates and enhancements from myjoboffer

The Final myjoboffer Enhancements for 2019

It’s been a busy year of enhancements in the world of myjoboffer. As 2019 draws to a close, we’re pleased to share our final enhancements of the year.

digital onboarding options for SME’s

Discover the benefits of Digital Onboarding

There are digital options for SME’s for almost every business function these days… including onboarding. But I am just a small fish with a limited budget – how do I fit into this?

myjoboffer industry updates

Fair Work Information Statement Update

The Australian Government recently released an update to the Fair Work Information Statement. It is a mandatory government requirement that employers give every new employee a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement before, or as soon as possible after, they start their new job.

Product Updates and enhancements from myjoboffer

Document Library

The feature you’ve been waiting for has arrived! We’re excited to announce that the Document Library feature (previously named PD Library) is now available for you to use in myjoboffer.

myjoboffer industry updates

Tax File Number Declaration Form changes

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) recently released instructions to software developers to alter the question sets on the Tax File Number Declaration form. This change combines similar questions and expands the scope of other questions.

myjoboffer industry updates

Download all and archiving

Our team has been working hard behind-the-scenes to bring you some enhancements to help make your myjoboffer experience smoother. Introducing Bulk Archiving and Download All!

Scrabble blocks spelling out end of EOFY representing end of financial year

EOFY: 3 Essential Points to Remember this Tax Time

Most businesses currently have a million things to do leading up to the new financial year - 2020 budgets. If you are feeling lost and stressed, have no fear! Before making any big decisions, make sure you consider the following.

Diverse group of people sitting on the floor using technology

Onboarding Survival – 3 Things to Have

The first day can be just as nerve racking for employers as it is for new employees. The new hires make or break moment at your business lies in your hands (no pressure).

Product Updates and enhancements from myjoboffer

ExportsPlus has arrived at myjoboffer! | Product Update

You asked and we listened! We're excited to release ExportsPlus - a new enhancement to the way reports can be exported in myjoboffer.

Cartoon computer person writing on screen with pencil

Payroll: How STP Can Impact Your Business

Earlier this year, legislation passed, making it compulsory for all employers with less than 19 employees to be on some form of electronic accounting software and report wage information STARTING 1st of July 2019. This kind of Single Touch Payroll (STP) becoming compulsory has been rolled out for larger business since July 2018.

Two men and two women standing side by side representing diversity

Diversity and Employment Types in the Workplace

The world is a diverse place and it is no exception for the workplace. Having a team for your business that is diverse, flexible and fits your needs as a business can bring many benefits.

Seven blocks stacked up with business specific words on them. Person pulling out the block with franchise on it.

Multi-Brand & Franchising HR Considerations

Whether you already operate with numerous locations, operate under a number of brand names or have big plans for a business expansion of this nature, then you need to understand some of the top HR considerations that come with it.

five hands stacked on top of each other

Simplify HR – 4 top tips to streamline HR

When it comes to human resources, most professionals are experts in the theory around managing people, onboarding and teams. So why do so many businesses fall behind in the processes? With the dawn of technology, the systems available to streamline HR processes are endless, inexpensive and can simplify your HR department with ease.

3 people standing looking out window

Connecting employees to the company vision and branding

Does your company have or striving to create a strong branding strategy? Have you got a clear company vision you follow? This needs to be saturated across all aspects of your company, including your employees. The employees of a company are generally the first point of contact between business and consumers. Brand ambassadors.

desk with iMac and mobile phone

CSR: going paperless

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a widely argued aspect in the business landscape. Socially responsible and sustainable businesses are making waves in the modern world, often becoming the industry leaders. When companies have big budgets, becoming socially responsible is often just a small dint in their spending.

Two people sitting in casual area looking at a laptop screen

Improving Employee Satisfaction

Improving Employee Satisfaction Positive contact between a business and consumers comes down to it’s employees. Most importantly, success in business comes from employee satisfaction. Firstly, improving employee experiences generates greater results. Read these tips on ways to enhance satisfaction.

man frustrated with head on desk and help sticker on his forehead

Frustrated with manual onboarding?

Frustrated with your manual onboarding processes? Getting the employee onboarding process right can mean the difference between securing great talent or losing them to a competitor. In fact, coordinating all the people who play a vital role in new employee onboarding can be an administrative nightmare.

coffee and laptop sitting on table with mobile phone

EoFY reporting – top tips to reduce stress

The end of financial year is almost upon us. For employees this often means that sweet extra deposit into their bank accounts. Behind the scenes this means extra reporting and stress. For a small to medium sized business there is often only a handful of people handling the EoFY reporting.

man looking over edge of building

Onboarding checklist | Tip one

You’ve just hired someone who you think can make a real difference to the team and the organisation – so don’t stay quiet about it. Announce it to the world (or at least the team) that someone is about to join you. Give the team some insight.

Apprentice chef learning from head chef

Before day one | Tip two

Before day one processes are vital to create a smooth transition for new employees. One of the biggest mistakes we often see employers make is doing such a great job of engaging new employees throughout the hiring process, often driven by recruitment professionals, only to have all communication stop until their first day.

Globe of linked people

Meet the stakeholders | Tip three

Some of the best onboarding experience we have seen have included when a manager sent a new employee the LinkedIn profiles of some of their new stakeholders and colleagues.

3 small sones on a table

The small stuff for new employees | Tip four

All too often the small stuff gets forgotten. As a result, this can have a big impact on new employees. Anyone who has ever started a new job can no doubt remember the nervous feeling of trying to find your feet in your new surroundings.

Have some fun | Tip five

Onboarding and training is serious stuff, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! The first few weeks for a new employee shouldn’t be all about endless training sessions. Find the balance between learning the information necessary to start working and the information the employee will learn along the way and remember learning should be fun!

smart watch symbolises benefits of going digitial

5 Reasons Your Business Should Go Digital

The business landscape is constantly adapting. The age of digital is upon us. For small to medium businesses this can often seem daunting. The right software can add leaps and bounds to the functionality of your business and HR department. Utilising this to communicate and create amazing experiences is easier than you may think.

Cartoon computer person writing on screen with pencil

Electronic Signatures – are they binding?

Legal precedence of electronic acceptance of contracts is not uncommon in Australia. The Commonwealth legislation governing the practice is referred to as The Electronic Transactions Acts 1999 and provides for the same degree of legal status for an electronic acceptance when compared to a traditionally executed contract; in writing.

Female with lots of post it notes on her and the wall talking on the phone

How much does manual onboarding cost?

Have you ever calculated the cost of manual onboarding for new employees? Hiring new employees generates a considerable costs for most businesses. There are so many things to consider when looking at the cost of hiring a new employees.

eLearning and employee onboarding

Incorporating eLearning into your employee onboarding process can deliver some great outcomes for your business. While the most obvious are flexibility and cost savings, at we know first hand there are many more. Let’s explore other benefits and then we’ll take a look at the potential risks and how you can alleviate these.

Diverse group of people sitting on the floor using technology

Solving your onboarding challenges

Integrating new employees into your workplace culture is a challenging task for HR and managers alike. Retention and engagement are often cited as the benefits of effective onboarding but many organisations fail to develop programs or processes that ensure the onboarding experience for new employees is seamless, memorable and prepares them effectively for their first day.

Cuscal Logo

Cuscal goes digital – an interview

About Cuscal and the ‘Cuscal goes digital’ project Cuscal’s business is payments. They are Australia’s leading provider of end-to-end payments solutions. An Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI), their extensive capabilities include card and acquiring products, mobile payments, fraud prevention, EFT switching and settlements, as well as running the rediATM Scheme, one of Australia’s largest ATM networks.

two people looking engaged sitting at a computer

What your new employee wants to know

Here are the top 5 things important to your new employees and what they want answers to when starting a new job. So, new employees got your resume noticed, they confidently answered the top ten interview questions and they’ve been offered the job. Their heart leaps with joy and they can’t wait to sign the contract.

Female hand with mouse and keyboard

Kick start your journey to digital employee onboarding

Digital HR – kick start your journey with There is a lot of interest in going digital in almost every aspect of business these days and HR is no exception. The great news is its never been easier to transition your manual HR practices to digital solutions without the cost and time investment.

Kagome Logo

Kagome goes digital – a case study

Kagome Australia is the country’s largest tomato processing company, delivering high quality tomato-based products since 1996. Kagome grow, harvest and process their own tomatoes in Echuca, country Victoria. During a typical processing season (February to April), Kagome will process up to 3500 tonnes of tomatoes per day.

employee engagement and employer branding word cloud

Employee onboarding and engagement

Employee onboarding and engagement is no different to customer experience. Organisations spend countless dollars on understanding the customer to tailor business solutions to meet the customer’s needs. Employee onboarding and employee relations should be no different and in fact play a significant role in customer satisfaction.

employee onboarding hr ecosystem including myjoboffer

Digitalising employee onboarding – making it a priority!

Digitalising employee onboarding processes continue to be the ‘missing link’ overlooked by a large majority of organisations. Digitalising the onboarding process for most organisations is the last step in transitioning to a 100% digital HR solution. Employees continue to fill out forms in pen and then this information is inputted into other systems manually.

welcome cartoon for new employees

Employee onboarding – making a good first impresssion

First impressions count and not just for the employee. Starting a new job can be scary and daunting! Have I made the right decision? Will I fit in? Will people like me? Too many new employees experience a poor onboarding process that leaves them feeling anxious and unappreciated.

go paperless key on a computer keyboard

Employee Onboarding – why go digital

Why take new employee onboarding digital? When we think about the cost of hiring a new employee, we tend to think about the recruitment cost (advertising, interviewing & testing) along with getting the new employee ready for their new job (training and orientation).

employee onboarding checklist make sure you have everything covered

Employee Onboarding checklist – get your free copy

Employee Onboarding checklist – get your free copy Our our free employee onboarding checklist helps make sure your new employees get the start they deserve. Follow our checklist to create a memorable first few days for your newest team members. Don’t just assume someone else is taking care of it!

employee engagement drawing

Cultural navigation

Cultural navigation – how does your organisation stack up when it comes to employee onboarding? Take five minutes to explore some tips you can implement to help improve your onboarding experiences and improve your cultural navigation. If you’re looking for a digital solution to help you accelerate and improve onboarding; can help!

Welcome to the team Susanne!

An expert in all things customer experience joins the team! We’re really excited to announce the newest member to the Qtiviti / team. From Monday 13 March, Susanne Hammond joins us as our Customer Experience and Innovation Manager.

myjoboffer named in top ten most useful HR apps

We’re featured in HRM Online as one of the top ten useful HR apps We’re really proud to have been named one of the top ten useful HR apps as featured in HRM Online (the AHRI magazine). helps organisations streamline and digitalise new employee onboarding.

Employee engagement – when does it actually begin?

Nathan Marhaba from talks employee engagement, recruitment and onboarding We are constantly trying to drive employee engagement. We find ourselves talking about the topic including why it’s important and how you create it. But when does employee engagement actually start? How do you create something truly memorable that resonates with the human capital you invest in everyday?