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How Single Touch Payroll Can Impact Your Business

Earlier this year, legislation passed, making it compulsory for all employers with less than 19 employees to be on some form of electronic accounting software and report wage information STARTING 1st of July 2019. This kind of Single Touch Payroll (STP) becoming compulsory has been rolled out for larger business since July 2018.


More information from the ATO.

Statement from the Commissioner


So how does this work with digital onboarding?

If your business is using Single Touch Payroll or about to make the switch to Single Touch Payroll, then you are highly likely using one of Australia’s leading accounting payroll software. Did you know that these systems can easily be integrated with myjoboffer? The world is going digital, and so are most departments within a business. Myjoboffer works seamlessly with your other HR and accounting software so you don’t have to lift a finger!

API Integrations

myjoboffer supports API integration that allows you to transfer information between myjoboffer and other API enabled systems, trigger the creation of an employee in myjoboffer from other systems and trigger the creation of an employee in other systems from actions within myjoboffer.

We can work with you to offer you a 'no touch' integration approach using our API functionality. Choose the information you want to transfer with your other key systems and eliminate double-handling and unnecessary work.

Speak to our API Integration Consulting Team who will provide you with a 'no touch' unified solution*.

*pricing based on scoping requirements

So if you are having to make the switch to STP then it may be the best time to make the switch to digital onboarding so you can streamline all your business processes.

Call us today or book a free demo online.

Improving employee satisfaction through these simple tips

Improving Employee Satisfaction

Improving Employee Satisfaction


Positive contact between a business and consumers comes down to it's employees. Most importantly, success in business comes from employee satisfaction. Firstly, improving employee experiences generates greater results. Read these tips on ways to enhance satisfaction.


Improving Employee Satisfaction Tips:

Boost Morale:

Research discovers that boosting morale around the workplace can improve results and employee performance. Therefore, investing money into employees is vital. This comes down to:

  • treating employees with respect
  • employee recognition
  • benefits and perks
  • outings and activities.

Four simple and cost effective methods. Integrate these into management and HR processes. As a result, morale becomes higher. In addition, boosting morale should focus on high performance and effort. Therefore, money is not wasted on employees that underperform.

Provide Proper Resources:

Creating a happy work environment goes further than boosting morale. Supply your employees with the proper resources and tools to do their job. As a result, this will increase employee satisfaction. For the changing digital business landscape, try the following things to enhance worker resources:

  • Fast internet
  • Digital software to enhance their tasks
  • Up to date computers and laptops
  • IT support.

Positive Management:

Be consistent across all levels of employment. Employee satisfaction within management is just as important. Include access to the previously mentioned. Therefore a domino effect will be generated. This will factor down to lower level employees. This will boost satisfaction across the entire company. There are mountains of articles and research out there on the benefits of reward and recognition. Find something that works for your company and industry. Get creative. Integrate a "people" campaign as part of your company strategy.

Day One Experience:

Communicating visions and attitudes of the company from day one generates a positive perception towards the company. As a result, employees start off on the right foot. Communicating before/during day one will lead to higher employee satisfaction. This is due to the employee feeling more welcome and understanding the culture and environment better. Here are some creative ways large and small companies are creating positive day one experiences:

  • Welcome party for new employees
  • Digital onboarding
  • Meet the CEO
  • Connecting on LinkedIn before starting
  • eLearning and video modules.


myjoboffer allows small to medium sized businesses to utilise digital onboarding. Start your employees off on the right foot with custom welcome messages and branding. Create a simple to use employee centre. Communicate with employees before day one. Integrate software to demonstrate good use of resources.

EoFY reporting - top tips to reduce stress

The end of financial year is almost upon us. For employees this often means that sweet extra deposit into their bank accounts. Behind the scenes this means extra reporting and stress. For a small to medium sized business there is often only a handful of people handling the EoFY reporting. HR can often take on a lot of extra stress during this time of year.

Reduce end of financial year stress with these HR tips:

Understand your budget – First of all, know how much the HR department has to spend on recruiting, retaining and firing is important. How much has actually been spent? Therefore, this will create a better understanding at EoFY if you are putting enough money into the right things. Make note of budget discrepancies and use this next financial year.

Develop strengths and weaknesses – This will create an idea of what to continue and what to work on. Reporting is not just numbers. It does create more work – but most of all it demonstrates a deeper understanding of the numbers. This is a useful step in the process.

Start Early – As the year progresses, it is helpful to report and document things as you go. Document budgets, employee details etc. from the start. Therefore, at the end of the financial year everything can be generated and exported. This makes the process much easier and reporting is consequently more accurate. Avoid unhappy employees nagging you for payment details. It is also important to note this will be the last year of PAYG summaries. This means preparing your systems and staying in the loop for 2019 is vital.

Prepare – following up is harder than being prepared. Have TFN, employee details etc. set up from day one. Set this up with payroll and store this digitally. This will ensure when EoFY rolls around, everything you need is right there in the system.

Integrate a smooth HR system that generates reports for you. To do the previously mentioned – having an automated system is key to generating reports. API will assist in exporting reports between different systems easily. Going digital with your HR department will save hours and hours of time (and money). 

Does your system have API?

myjoboffer will set up API for your employee centre to easily export employee details for any HR and payroll software. Retrieve all employee details and export reports for payroll before the employee even begins.

smart watch symbolises benefits of going digitial

5 Reasons Your Business Should Go Digital

The business landscape is constantly adapting. The age of digital is upon us. For small to medium businesses this can often seem daunting. The right software can add leaps and bounds to the functionality of your business and HR department.

Utilising this to communicate and create amazing experiences is easier than you may think.

So how can digital work in HR at your business?

1. Save time

A cohesive and integrated software will help you save valuable work time. Spend less time printing, filing and filling out paperwork. Integrate a cloud like HR software to keep this all in the one space.

HR software is beneficial to both employers and employees. As a result, making employee onboarding a digital experience can also speed up the interview to day one process.

2. Maximise employee experiences

Its no secret by now that maximising employee experiences equals greater working environments. But why are so many employers still starting their hiring process with stacks of paperwork? Electronic signatures and online contracts are the way of the future. Furthermore the onboarding experience can be enhanced by simply going digital.

3. Save the environment

Say goodbye to paper employee filing and hello to digital onboarding. Cut down your environmental footprint by going paperless. Keep contracts, policies and employee forms within a HR software.


4. Easily integrate branding

Demonstrate your employee culture and branding before new employees first day. This will allow for a quick and beneficial integration for new employees. Seamlessly display branding, images and videos with an onboarding software.

5. Adapt and innovate

Industry standards and employee requirements change over time. Easily adapt to this by keeping everything digital. HR software allows you to build new contracts and policies at the touch of a button.


myjoboffer can do all of this and more. Have a free consultation with one of our HR professionals about how you can go digital today.

electronic signatures

Electronic Signatures - are they binding?

Legal precedence of electronic acceptance of contracts is not uncommon in Australia. The Commonwealth legislation governing the practice is referred to as The Electronic Transactions Acts 1999 and provides for the same degree of legal status for an electronic acceptance when compared to a traditionally executed contract; in writing. These may be known as an electronic signatures (or eSignatures).

The Electronic Transactions Acts 1999 also provides protection that a transaction would not be invalid just because it was conducted electronically.

States and Territories of Australia have also developed their own electronic transactions legislation that generally covers similar topics to that found in Commonwealth legislation.

You can find links to the Commonwealth and state legislation later in the article.


How myjoboffer deal with electronic acceptance of employment contracts

To conform with large parts of electronic transactions legislation, myjoboffer has satisfied the following requirements:

  • We have developed a way to identify the person
  • The way we have developed our electronic signature capability and identification protocol is appropriate in the circumstances
  • The person who needs to electronically sign their contract consents to doing so using an electronic method


How myjoboffer deals with identifying the person and their intent 

When an Employer uses myjoboffer to create an Employee profile, we send the Employee and email and SMS message with details on how they can login to myjoboffer.com.au

We do not share with them their password, but rather we send them a shared secret. A shared secret is something that the Employee knows about themselves and something an Employee would reasonably expect an Employer to know about them. In most cases, the default shared secret is the Employee’s mobile number.

To login to the platform, an Employee would need to know their username (sent by email and SMS) and the answer to the shared secret. Finally, we notify the employee that by using the platform, they agree to transacting with the platform online.

How the electronic signatures method is reliable and appropriate

myjoboffer is a cloud based application hosted in Australia by Amazon Web Services. Our application is fault tolerant, redundant and secure. More information about our application architecture and commitment to information security is available on our website.


Links to additional resources and more information about electronic signatures

Electronic Transactions Act 1999 (Commonwealth)


Australian Capital Territory


New South Wales




Northern Territory


South Australia




Western Australia





Important note

The contents within this publication are provided to you and have not been legally reviewed. You should not rely on any of the contents of this publication as a legally sound deliverable. It is strongly recommended you have the contents of this publication reviewed by your legal representative, prior to relying on the contents whether in whole or in part.


eLearning and employee onboarding

Incorporating eLearning into your employee onboarding process can deliver some great outcomes for your business. While the most obvious are flexibility and cost savings, at myjoboffer.com.au we know first hand there are many more.  Let's explore other benefits and then we'll take a look at the potential risks and how you can alleviate these.


5 benefits of eLearning to both the learner and the employer


1. eLearning delivers an engaging learning experience

The key to delivering an engaging learning experience is to know your audience!  Many of us have experienced the boredom associated with an eLearning course.  When you know your audience, then you can select the interactive elements that will keep them captivated and engaged.  Elements such as images, audio, video, game-style features, story-telling and even humour.  Interactive elements make eLearning interesting and keeps the learner focused.  Choosing from simple drag and drop interactions to an interactive virtual class room environment are all possibilities.  Design elements stimulate interest and create a connection between the new employee and their employer.


2. Reduction in classroom time & pressures

eLearning eliminates the need to spend the entire training in the classroom.  It is often used in conjunction with classroom training.  New employees have access to the course at any time.   This helps to relieve the time pressures associated with classroom training as well as removing  the fear of asking questions and the anxiety of passing assessments.  I can remember the many times I've consoled new employees who were worried they weren't keeping up with the rest of the class.


3. Improved employee retention 

Incorporating eLearning programs into the employee onboarding process creates a great first impression!   Statistics show that employees who experience a good onboarding program generally stay longer in their role and have greater success in their role.  eLearning creates a more engaging and enjoyable experience for the new employee and employees are happier and staff retention increases as a result.  Instead of your employees having to read your 20 page induction manual, they receive a 15 minute engaging eLearning course.


4. eLearning promotes individualised learning

eLearning courses progress up to 50% faster than traditional classroom training.  Why is this?  It's because well designed courses take an individual approach to learning.  Learners are free to navigate through the course at a pace that is right for them.  There is the option to re-wind audio and video files.  They have the ability to click back and forth through the course, and navigate the system they way they like.  This allows the learner the freedom and control to learn in a way that appeals to them.  They can skip material they already know and spend more time on those topics they need help with.  As a result, they become much more engaged with the content.


5. Improved consistency

eLearning ensures the message is communicated in a consistent fashion and all learners are receiving the same training. eLearning eliminates the problems associated with different trainers teaching slightly different material on the same subject.  The trainer's personality, mood and subject matter experience all have an impact on the effectiveness of their training.  You have the confidence in knowing the message is being delivered consistently.


How to alleviate potential risks?

eLearning has many benefits for organisations to engage learners in new and innovative ways, but this isn't always a simple process!

Studies have cited risks such as:

  • Lack of motivation and engagement due to learner isolation
  • Inability to modify the learning content to a different learner skill levels
  • Lack of flexibility that comes with modular designed learning.

It is important to be aware of these risk and how to alleviate them.  A professional eLearning provider seeks to understand your learner's demographics, what motivates your audience and what your learning objectives are.  The outcome being a course that engages and delivers strong learning outcomes.

If you'd like to know more about digitalising your onboarding program and eLearning, visit myjoboffer.com.au. Better still we'd love to show you with a demonstration and 90 day free trial.   Visit myjoboffer.com.au to book.

Cuscal goes digtital

Cuscal goes digital - an interview

About Cuscal and the 'Cuscal goes digital' project

Cuscal's business is payments. They are Australia’s leading provider of end-to-end payments solutions. An Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI), their extensive capabilities include card and acquiring products, mobile payments, fraud prevention, EFT switching and settlements, as well as running the rediATM Scheme, one of Australia’s largest ATM networks.  Cuscal has a growing base of over 100 clients from a range of industries, including financial services, airlines, fintech and retail.  They provide their clients with the technology, scale and licensing they need to compete with the largest players in payments.  Or they simply take a complex problem off their hands, enabling them to focus on whatever it is which makes them unique and successful.




We talk to Jennifer Bass (HR Operations & Projects Manager) about Cuscal's journey to a digital employee onboarding solution and the benefits they have experienced.


Q. Jennifer, thinking about 'Cuscal goes digital', what prompted you to look for a digital solution to onboarding of new employees?

Our position as an innovative and nimble company had been let down by our historical, arch age onboarding processes.  Large packs of paperwork, many duplicate forms and double handling were all signs of a very manual process.   Our internal onboarding process did not represent what we stand for as a company.  The contrast of service between what we were delivering to our internal customers (new employees) and what was being delivered to our external customers, was what prompted us to seek a better process.

Q. What are some of the benefits you’ve seen by automating your employee onboarding?

The benefits are ten-fold – little to no printed documents to file, a user experience that is fresh and easy to navigate, and a smooth process for sharing the information with our HRIS to name the main ones. 


Q. How would you describe the myjoboffer.com.au product features to a prospective customer?
  • Easy to use digital employee onboarding platform for incoming employees, great engagement tool for providing important company information that you wouldn’t necessarily have on your external website
  • Accessible on mobile devices, allowing the employee to access and accept their offer right away, and return to action other paperwork when they are ready
  • Simple offer set up and download features for HR and Payroll processing
  • Communicates easily to multiple HRIS systems via csv
  • Can be easily managed and updated internally once implemented
  • Accessible and efficient helpdesk for any questions or issues  


Q. How much time have you saved by automating your employee onboarding Jennifer?

The big win for us is the time spent with the employee on their first day - rather than take 20 minutes to sit with them whilst they fill out paperwork.  We can now spend the time re-enforcing what their onboarding process will look like, what they can expect and really getting them set up for success.


Q. What is the feedback you’ve received from users of the myjoboffer.com.au platform?

Great feedback – most new employees are horrified to hear that we used to do it in paper form! Overall they love the experience of being able to access via their mobile device initially and then get prepared to sit at their PC and action the requirements when they have all their information.


myjoboffer.com.au was developed by managers and HR professionals who share one thing in common; the burden of employee paperwork and the terrible experience this provides to new employees.  myjoboffer.com.au is all about making the onboarding process seamless for you, and your employees by creating the right impression from day one. 

To arrange a demonstration with a 90 day free trial, visit www.myjoboffer.com.au

employee onboarding

Kick start your journey to digital employee onboarding

Digital HR - kick start your journey with myjoboffer.com.au

There is a lot of interest in going digital in almost every aspect of business these days and HR is no exception. The great news is its never been easier to transition your manual HR practices to digital solutions without the cost and time investment.

There are a lot of HR systems out there. Some support the full life cycle of an employee and others focus on one component of the employee life cycle. The full life cycle systems usually aren't cheap and often require some major time investment to get everything up and running. Because of this, organisations with a system that supports the full employee life cycle rarely take advantage of the full capability of the system. These systems also often fall short in some areas as they tend to deliver a well rounded solution but don't necessarily do everything well.

Most organisations already have a payroll system in place and may also have a HRIS (Human Resources Information System). You don't need to replace or upgrade these to further enhance of your digital HR capability.


Employee Onboarding - a great place to start

HR managers are often challenged to find the budget to support digital HR projects but know the returns are huge.  An organisation with manual onboarding practices hiring 100 people a year conservatively spend about 800 hours on new employee administration alone. This time could be better spent on projects that truely add value to the organisation rather than administering paperwork.

Many of the customers we speak to at myjoboffer.com.au start out thinking that a transition to a digital employee onboarding solution is going to be expensive, require alignment to wider business practices and need expensive configuration of other related systems such as payroll and HRIS. We often discuss the fear of time investment and a limited budget required to make digital employee onboarding happen for their organisation.

Our customers quickly realise that they don't need to invest in replacing or reconfiguring their current systems. myjoboffer.com.au is a stand alone onboarding solution that takes care of organising new employee information so that it easily feeds into existing payroll & HRIS systems. Our easy to configure payroll and HRIS connections take care of ensuring that data can be easily transferred to your existing systems.


Start on your digital employee onboarding journey today

If you'd like to find out more about how you too can digitalise your onboarding process without breaking the budget, visit myjoboffer.com.au.  Better still, we'd love to show you how by booking a demonstration of our digital onboarding software.

Visit myjoboffer.com.au to book now.

Kagome goes digital

Kagome goes digital - a case study

Kagome Australia is the country’s largest tomato processing company, delivering high quality tomato-based products since 1996. Kagome grow, harvest and process their own tomatoes in Echuca, country Victoria. During a typical processing season (February to April), Kagome will process up to 3500 tonnes of tomatoes per day.  In between the tomato season Kagome diversify and process other high-quality food items, such as pears, apples, beetroot and carrots. Kagome goes digital is a case study on the benefits of automating employee onboarding.

Business challenges

During the harvesting period, Kagome can employ anywhere up to an additional 150 employees for a three month period.   New employees previously manually completed their onboarding packs, which included their employment contract, forms, policies and company information.  Kagome manually entered this information into their HR system & payroll system for processing.  As a result too much time was being spent on administrative tasks. This started Kagome on their journey to find a better way.


myjoboffer.com.au's onboarding solution - Kagome goes digital

Kagome’s has a strong culture of promoting creative solutions underpinned with a strong commercial focus.  They started searching for an innovative solution which would deliver immediate efficiencies for their business.  Due to Kagome’s geographical location (country Victoria) they wanted an online solution which was web based.

Kagome chose myjoboffer.com.au’s web based onboarding solution to transform their HR practices and improve the onboarding experience for new employees.


Key Benefits

By transitioning to a digital onboarding solution, Kagome saw immediate cost benefits gained by eliminating the need to manually process new employee’s paperwork.

The system allows new employees to complete all the necessary paperwork online before they have started the job.  SMS functionality, smart phone & tablet compatibility has been an ideal form of communication for Kagome’s employees, who can be transient in nature due to the seasonality of the harvesting.

Some other key benefits include:
    • Preparing for Day One – new employees are provided with video, text and audio on how to prepare for day one. This creates a memorable and engaging onboarding experience, leaving the employee with a good first impression of the Kagome.
    • Workflow notifications options - Kagome now automate several internal processes associated with a new employee.  For e.g. setting up IT access, arranging security access & passes. Using notifications ensures new employees have all the resources they need before they start.
    • Offer queue – This function allows Kagome to view up to the minute information on each new hire and their progress in completing their offer.  Kagome send reminders to new employees if they have outstanding steps to complete.  This means tasks get completed on time.
    • Linking to your payroll / HRIS system – Kagome has avoided complex IT costs due to being able to easily link information between myjoboffer.com.au & their payroll / HRIS system.
Kagome goes digital - Conclusion

Kagome is delighted with their new onboarding system.  It's business and employees are enjoying the benefits of an efficient and engaging onboarding program.

I believe one of the benefits of going with myjoboffer.com.au has been the quick response time from the team regarding any questions I had.  I don’t believe I would have received that level of service from a larger organisation.
HR Coordinator