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Onboarding checklist | Tip one

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You’ve just hired someone who you think can make a real difference to the team and the organisation – so don’t stay quiet about it. Announce it to the world (or at least the team) that someone is about to join you. Give the team some insight. Who the person is, what they’ll be doing, […]

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Before day one | Tip two

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Before day one processes are vital to create a smooth transition for new employees. One of the biggest mistakes we often see employers make is doing such a great job of engaging new employees throughout the hiring process, often driven by recruitment professionals, only to have all communication stop until their first day. It is […]

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Meet the stakeholders | Tip three

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Some of the best onboarding experience we have seen have included when a manager sent a new employee the LinkedIn profiles of some of their new stakeholders and colleagues.   The new employee is able to understand a little more about what each person does or has done and in some cases, is able to […]

Have some fun | Tip five

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Onboarding and training is serious stuff, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! The first few weeks for a new employee shouldn’t be all about endless training sessions. Find the balance between learning the information necessary to start working and the information the employee will learn along the way and remember learning should be fun! […]

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5 Reasons Your Business Should Go Digital

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The business landscape is constantly adapting. The age of digital is upon us. For small to medium businesses this can often seem daunting. The right software can add leaps and bounds to the functionality of your business and HR department. Utilising this to communicate and create amazing experiences is easier than you may think. So how […]

eLearning and employee onboarding

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Incorporating eLearning into your employee onboarding process can deliver some great outcomes for your business. While the most obvious are flexibility and cost savings, at we know first hand there are many more.  Let’s explore other benefits and then we’ll take a look at the potential risks and how you can alleviate these.   […]