employee onboarding

Solving your onboarding challenges

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Integrating new employees into your workplace culture is a challenging task for HR and managers alike. Retention and engagement are often cited as the benefits of effective onboarding but many organisations fail to develop programs or processes that ensure the onboarding experience for new employees is seamless, memorable and prepares them effectively for their first […]

Cuscal goes digital

Cuscal goes digital – an interview

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About Cuscal and the ‘Cuscal goes digital’ project Cuscal’s business is payments. They are Australia’s leading provider of end-to-end payments solutions. An Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI), their extensive capabilities include card and acquiring products, mobile payments, fraud prevention, EFT switching and settlements, as well as running the rediATM Scheme, one of Australia’s largest ATM networks.  Cuscal has a growing base […]

employee engagement and employer branding

Employee onboarding and engagement

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Employee onboarding and engagement is no different to customer experience. Organisations spend countless dollars on understanding the customer to tailor business solutions to meet the customer’s needs. Employee onboarding and employee relations should be no different and in fact play a significant role in customer satisfaction. The way your employees feel about your organisation has a […]

Kagome goes digital

Kagome goes digital – a case study

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Kagome Australia is the country’s largest tomato processing company, delivering high quality tomato-based products since 1996. Kagome grow, harvest and process their own tomatoes in Echuca, country Victoria. During a typical processing season (February to April), Kagome will process up to 3500 tonnes of tomatoes per day.  In between the tomato season Kagome diversify and process […]

employee onboarding

Digitalising employee onboarding – making it a priority!

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Digitalising employee onboarding processes continue to be the ‘missing link’ overlooked by a large majority of organisations. Digitalising the onboarding process for most organisations is the last step in transitioning to a 100% digital HR solution. Employees continue to fill out forms in pen and then this information is inputted into other systems manually. Paper-based […]

employee onboarding checklist

Employee Onboarding checklist – get your free copy

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Employee Onboarding checklist – get your free copy Our our free employee onboarding checklist helps make sure your new employees get the start they deserve.   Follow our checklist to create a memorable first few days for your newest team members. Don’t just assume someone else is taking care of it! This simple checklist helps ensure your […]