Information Security

Security is very important to us at

We take data security very seriously at When you choose a hosted solution, you can have confidence knowing that the information we collect and store is protected with a range of security features that help minimise the risk of information loss or misuse.

All data is stored in an encrypted database within Australia

Our servers and hosting environments are stored in Australia. We have a primary hosting site and a back up disaster recovery site. Each of our hosted customers have their own unique encrypted database on our servers. We partner with a reputable hosting services provider. We’re proud of the reliability of our services that come with a 99.9% up time guarantee.

We use 256-bit encryption secure socket layer technology (SSL)

Each of our hosted customers enjoy the same level of internet security that is used to process credit card transactions. While we don’t process transactions, having this level of security means that all information captured and stored through myjoboffer is protected with secure socket layer technology.

Our Privacy Policy outlines the way we collect, use and disclose personal information

Our Privacy Policy is available for all Users of our hosted solution. It outlines the reasons why we collect personal information, what we use it for and who can access it. We never sell or provide personal information to third-parties without the consent of the User. Users can request access to their personal information, correct their personal information or have it removed from our solution by contacting our Customers.

We use web security technology to continually scan for vulnerabilities

We continually scan our customers site every two (2) hours, 24 hours a day for any security risks including malware, distributed denial of service attacks and web-server scanning. We ensure that our scanning provides you with the very best protection in using cloud-based technology. The internet is an ever-evolving medium and our security scanning features ensure the stability of our product and the information that it collects.

We securely back up your site and store the back up for thirty (30) days

Every day we securely back up your database and store this on encrypted servers for thirty (30) days. We do this so you can request us to restore previous versions of your database and to ensure we can deploy enhancements, upgrades and new security features without you having to lose the data already stored in

You can always request a “Database Wash”

Database Wash is a free feature for all our hosted customers. With Database Wash, you can request to have us take an encrypted back up of your data and then arrange to clear your solution of any personal information. This means the solution will remove personal information from our servers. If you stop using, a database wash will automatically take place at the end of our relationship with you.

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