Application Architecture

myjoboffer Application Architecture

We’re proud to show you how we built myjoboffer. Our application architecture is a multi-instance Software as a Service (SaaS) application that leverages the power of cloud based technology to deliver you quality, reliable services.

How we host the application

The infrastructure and its applications are hosted securely in the cloud using DELL Web Services in Australian data centres.

For our international customers, we select the appropriate data centre that meets their needs; an example could be our Asia based customers have data stored in Singapore and our European customers have data stored in the United Kingdom.


Our servers’s application server runs DELL Enterprise Linux a secure, reliable, and high performance environment for applications running on the latest Dell technology networked by the very best Cisco routers and N+1 UPS redundant power.

We host on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). This is a dedicated server only for customers of We do not store data on shared servers or shared databases outside


How we manage the load balancing network and secure socket layers

Our load balancer acts to ensure users receive a seamless experience in periods of high traffic, by routing traffic between servers. Our sites accept HTTP and HTTPS (SSL) traffic. If a visitor to the site enters via a HTTP protocol, we upgrade the visit to SSL directly from the the application server to ensure communications are kept secure.



The Database server is a DELL Linux Database Service. As a multi-instance application each customer receives a separate instance and separate database which is not shared amongst other customers. Each customer is segregated by a unique instance of the database each with unique security protocols.


Email service and SMS gateway

JFactory is the SMTP Gateway responsible for delivering email messages, such as offers, acceptance notifications and other email templates designed by the customer. The SMS Gateway is responsible for delivery of SMS messages sent by Our SMS provider is BurstSMS.


Web security and server scanning

The virus scanner runs every two hours on the site and every 24 hours on the server. It is responsible for ensuring servers and site remain virus free. We also scan for potential attacks to the infrastructure using DNS scanners both site and server side. Our scanners protect against infections such as phishing pages, backdoor attacks, unauthorised downloads and obfuscated injections.

The Hub - your resource centre

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