Enhanced employee onboarding options

Enhance your myjoboffer experience with an add on pack

Add on packs are designed to provide you with enhanced employee onboarding options in addition to myjoboffer’s core onboarding functionality. In addition to saving you time, each add on pack provides additional features that allow you to further customise the employee onboarding experience.

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Enhanced employee onboarding options with eLearning

Transitioning from classroom learning to eLearning has the potential to transform your organisation. For instance, shortened training time, greater consistency, and the ability to personalise training are just some of the benefits.

You can transform your onboarding program by including customised eLearning solutions that we can develop for you.

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Welcome Programs Portal

Modern training needs to be easy and accessible, especially during onboarding when new employees are still becoming familiar with your organisation. The Welcome Programs Portal allows you to enhance onboarding through the delivery of eLearning.

Your Welcome Programs Portal provides you access to deliver, document, track and report on eLearning training programs delivered during onboarding.

Multi Brand Centre

When it comes to your employee onboarding, one size doesn't fit all. You can create unique experiences for your different types of employees through myjoboffer's multi brand centre.

Additionally, this function is ideal if your company has a portfolio of multiple brands. You can deliver a customised experience specific to the brand you are hiring for.  Your employees will receive an enhanced onboarding experience by assigning the brand that is specific to them.

Your employees will experience different texts, logos and banners presented to them during their onboarding.


You can easily transfer employee data from myjoboffer to other systems within your HR technology ecosystem through SFTP file exports.  Set up your myjoboffer export reports to seamlessly deliver customised reports to a secure file location ready for your other systems to access.

You can link custom fields necessary to be included in your export and ensure data is only sent once it meets the requirements of other systems.

WebHook API Integration

myjoboffer plays nicely with your other HR systems to support your HR technology ecosystem. Your myjoboffer platform can receive information from your other HR systems by creating a connection via our Webhooks integration.

The webhooks feature receives JSON files allowing you to map data from other systems to fields within your myjoboffer platform. Data is then transferred to myjoboffer in real time avoiding the need to duplicate data entry.

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