Add on packs.

Enhance myjoboffer with an add on pack

myjoboffer add on packs are designed to enhance the employee onboarding experience provided by myjoboffer’s core onboarding functionality. Each add on pack brings additional features that allow you to further customise your organisations, and each employee’s onboarding journey.


Transitioning from classroom learning to e-learning has the potential to transform your organisation. Shortened training time, increased learner control, greater consistency in the message being delivered, and the ability to personalise the training are some of the key benefits of eLearning. Transform your onboarding program by including customised eLearning solutions that we can develop for you.

Welcome Programs Portal

Modern training needs to be easy and accessible.  This is where you house your eLearning and schedule and promote learning events. Our LMS software allows you to administer, document, track, report and deliver training programs.

Multi Brand Centre

One size doesn't fit all. Create unique experiences for your businesses different brands and different employees.  This function is ideal for those companies that have a portfolio of multiple brands. You can assign the brand you want and present different brand elements to your employees.  Customisable brand elements include different text, logos and banners to the employee during their onboarding.